Mind Vs Heart …..

Heart: I thought i could handle this 

Heart: wanting something she didn’t , 

Heart: letting her be free , but standing by and continuing to love her 

Heart: hoping that one day , she’ll come knocking on my door saying…

” I’m so stupid for letting you go but , you never let go you waited. You’re all I’ve ever had and more.”  

Heart: But I’m just a guy , that’s too scared to face my own true reality; She’s not coming back. She’s grown up now , stepping out into the world. And as much as i want, its time to face the truth , you’re not the most important thing to her anymore. She’s moved on 

Mind: Why haven’t you ? 

Mind: why are you holding on ? 

Mind: There’s no future with her don’t you see?  

Mind: How can you sit there and waste you life away on someone who’s given up on you ?  

 Heart: “Honestly, I would normally go on about how much i just cant give up on the girl i love , that even if she didn’t love me i’d still love her and have hope for us.” 


Heart: “You’re right….but I’m afraid this is where my will stay ”    

Mind: it’s clear she doesn’t care , this is whats right …move on”  

I don’t like you; I love you. That’s the difference. That’s why I’m here. That’s why at the end of all this mess, I’ll still be here.


It hurts to remember you, like an aching in my head where all the words we ever exchanged with parcelled lips knock against my paper-thin skull. I gift-wrapped my heart and sent it over the world, only to rescue it from the vast ocean of your indifference, while you threw lifesavers to my unrequited affection, looking at me as though my reasoning was wrong. Losing sight of the sure and inhaling heavy affliction, I drank in the desire to forget you. Every day, I wake with a hangover.



There are certain things you think you learn how to do throughout life, but really we are merely adapting. Adapting to changes, growing a tough exterior and doing whatever it takes to survive. Survive the heartache, the drama and all of lifes excruciating pains. So what keeps us stumbling on? It’s simple really.

Curiousity and a hope for love and a better tomorrow.

"If you could read my mind you’d be in tears."